Those who have been engaged in fine chemical synthesis for many years regrouped, set up two production bases in central and western regions with Wuhan as the center, and continue to deeply cultivate fine chemical production and processing business. Hope you chemical industry peers more care, together with industry Xingbang.

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Deep cultivation of fine chemicals production and processing

Wuhan AKKO Chemicals Co., Ltd. was founded in 2022, the main members of the company are from Jintan Houyang Chemical Park, Jiangsu Province, after the park closed, regrouped, with Wuhan as the center, in Jingzhou, Qinghai, Datong and other places have production bases, is the production of surfactants, printing and dyeing additives and phase transfer catalyst, halogen series downstream products as the main production enterprises. The company has more than ten years of experience in chemical synthesis production doctor, master as the base, sales staff is engaged in domestic and foreign trade sales of chemicals for many years.

In line with development, innovation, based on the market for development; High quality, high efficiency, all customer-centric business philosophy, always to the interests of customers as the goal, to provide high quality products, to achieve win-win cooperation, common development.

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